Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie has several very elegantly placed tattoos on her body, including small angel wings on her back and a rosary wrapped around her ankle.

Nicole Richie angel wings tattoo.
Nicole Richie ankle tattoo.
Nicole Richie wrist tattoo.
Nicole Richie neck tattoo design.

Alyssa Milano Tattoos

Checkout these great tattoos seen on celebrity actress Alyssa Milano who has several tattoos on her body, including a rosary cross and rose vine around her right ankle.

Alyssa Milano back and neck tattoos.
Alyssa Milano rope wrist tattoo.
Alyssa Milano ankle tattoos

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Angelina Jolie is perhaps the single most tattooed famous celebrity women in show business today, 13 at last count. Some of her tattoos include, the phrase "Know Your Rights" and “Strength of Will” (Arabic).

She also has the geographical coordinates indicating the birthplaces of her children tattooed on her left shoulder, amoung several other unique tattoo artworks.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse has a smattering array of various tattoo designs including a horseshoe and topless lady on her left arm, and a 1950's retro style girl on her right.

It seem like her tattoos are randomly placed about her body, and of very poor quality as well.

Ashlee Simpson Tattoos

Ashlee Simpson has multiple cute but very common tattoos including the word "Love" on her inner wrist, a small peace sign on her finger and cherry on her ankle.

Ashlee has recently been spotted with a large rose tattoo on her forearm, as seen in the picture below.
Ashlee Simpson wrist tattoo picture.

Ashlee Simpson finger tattoo.
Ashlee Simpson ankle tattoo.

Asia Argento Tattoos

Asia Argento has a number of cleverly located tattoo on her body, including an angel in a naughty location, the number 23 and a third eye on her back.

Avril Lavigne Tattoos

Lets take a quick look at the tattoos of the lovely pint sized punk rock princess Avril Lavigne.

She has a handful of cool tattoos, including a punk rock looking dragon on her arm along with a skull above it. Avril also has a small star tattoo on her inner left wrist and a heart on her right wrist.

Britney Spears Tattoos

Britney Spears certainly has her fair share of tattoos scattered around her body, most of which are quite small in size.

She has a fairy on her lower back, a cross on the inner hip area and a pair of lips tattooed on her wrist, to name a few.

The tattoo on Britney Spears' neck are Hebrew characters, which translate to the word "Healing". This tattoo has since been removed.

Here are some great photos of the tattoos below.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

The stunningly gorgeous pop star Christina Aguilera has a few tattoos of her own, one of them is on the back of her neck which read "Xtina".

She also has a couple of tattoos written in the Hebrew text which read "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" on her lower back along with her husbands initials.

And "I love you always" is written on her arm in Spanish with red ink.

Christina Applegate Tattoos

Lets take a peek at a couple of the visible tattoos on the lovely celebrity actress Christina Applegate.

She has a small rope like vine wrapped around her left ankle and the a mysterious looking tattoo on her right ankle that looks to contain the number 3.

Christina Applegate also has a couple of tattoos near her naughty area, one of which is a bird of sorts. Checkout this photos of her tattoos.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Lets have a close look at some of the tattoos on the lovely and talented celebrity actress Drew Barrymore.

She has a beautiful cross wrapped in vines on her lower right leg, just above the ankle.
Drew Barrymore also has a cute butterfly tattooed just below her belly button, plus two little angels on her lower back.

Checkout these photos of Drew Barrymore and her various tattoos.

Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos

Elisabetta Canalis is one of the most popular Italian models and actresses who is commonly seen as a personality on Italian television.

Elisabetta Canalis has a few tattoos, including an armband of roses on her right arm which covers up her original tattoo of the rappers name "Eminem".

She also has a small rose on her left wrist which was her first tattoo, and two inscriptions reading "Pain is love" on her right forearm and "I'll never walk alone" on her left forearm.

Eva Longoria Tattoos

Lets have a close look at the beautiful amazing actress Eva Longoria and her delightful choices of tattoos.

Eva Longoria has a small star tattooed on her inner left wrist, which is an adorable spot for a small design, the tattoo on her neck reads "NINE" which is the number her NBA basketball husband Tony Parker wears.

Eva also has a pretty Celtic style cross on her lower back, and some roman numerals on her inner right wrist as well.